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Voice Work - Keeping it in the Family - December 2, 2020

Over the years we've had lots of very talented people do voice work for our newscast, Insight on Business the News Hour and they have all been great. Then we decided to try our daughter and now Hunter Pease is the "Voice of the Business News Hour". Gotta brag just a bit. ... Read More

Why Discount When You Have Peter Children? - November 24, 2020

We see it all the time as retailers run to deep discounts to sell products from clothing to flowers. While that is how it's usually done imagine the rewards if you kept the product at full price but then added an incentive to make the purchase. And if that incentive is this.... Read More

Riffing on Hyper-Local Events - November 21, 2020

Back when we were on local radio our focus had to be on local business news stories. That changed a bit when we moved on with our podcast. But, on Friday afternoon we still get Hyper-Local and have some fun with Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine. Enjoy, we'll get back to the serious stuff on Sunday. ... Read More

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